Service Pack 6.5.17 Post Deployment Testing Page

What can the Customer access support tool offer?

We've created the Customer access support tool to allow you to view your client's information in the same format that they see it in Customer access. You can use Customer access by visiting to access your own personal accounts with Sun Life Financial.

What information can I see using the Customer access support tool?

Using the Customer Access Support tool, you can see the same information your client sees on Customer access with a couple of exceptions:

  • You will only see policies for which you are the advisor of record.
  • You will not be able to initiate changes on your client's behalf through the Customer access support tool. Only your client can request changes when they are signed in to Customer access with their Access ID and password.

How does my client register for Customer access?

If your client owns a personal Sun Life Financial product, they can visit the sign in page and select the Register button. They need to provide their policy number in order to register.

Can I register my clients for Customer access?

Promoting Customer access is an excellent way to demonstrate how you can provide leading edge and competitive services for your clients.

For security, it's important that clients initiate and complete the Customer access registration themselves. It's okay for you to encourage and help. It's not appropriate for advisors to register a client without the client's knowledge.


Can clients pay their premiums on Customer Access?

We don't currently support premium payments for insurance policies through Customer access. For web banking users, premiums can be paid through the online banking sites of most major financial institutions.

Do we track customer activity on the Internet?

Yes, we track all visits to to understand what areas of the site are being used most, to remember customers' personalized home page settings, etc.

Because of privacy guidelines we do not report on an individual customer's website activity unless the information is required to service their account. For example, if your client requested an address change online, you would be notified of that change so that you can continue to provide service. However, if your client visited the careers page on our website, that information has no relevance to the servicing of their insurance and investments and therefore would not be reported to you.

Who will clients call for password resets, ID problems or questions?

Clients who forget their password can request a new password online. Or they can call the Customer Care Centre at 1-877-SUN-LIFE (1-877-786-5433).

What is secure messaging?

Secure messaging allows your client to communicate confidentially with Sun Life Financial. Secure messages never travel through the internet as unprotected email, where they could be viewed by others. Messages are stored on Sun Life Financial's computers and can only be viewed by your clients when they sign in to Customer access.

Can my client have one ID and password for their personal and trustee accounts?

If your client is the trustee of a plan, they must register for a separate Access ID and password to access a policy or account for which they are a trustee. This means they’ll have two different Access IDs and passwords.

Who is able to access spousal policy information in Customer access?

For spousal policies, only the owner of the account may see it in his or her online insurance and investments in Customer access.

Are clients able to access corporately-owned policies in Customer access?

Clients are not able to access corporately-owned policies in Customer access.

How can I access statements online using Customer Access?

For statements available online, you can view and/or print the statements using the 'View your documents' screen. For step-by-step instructions refer to the How to access statements online document.

Contact information

For problems with passwords, IDs or general questions, your client can:

  • call the Customer Care Centre (CCC) 1-877-SUN-LIFE (1-877-786-5433), or
  • send a secure message within Customer access

How do I initiate a death claim?

  • Use the Request centre form Death - notification.
  • Life Claims will contact you with a list of required forms depending on the product. For more information, refer to the process instructions Death - claim - submit.

For inquiries about claims, use the Request centre form Death - claim - inquire.