Locating clients who are missing or have unclaimed property

Sun Life Financial (SLF) tries continually to keep up-to-date client addresses to ensure we maintain proper communication with a client throughout the duration of their contract. This information is especially crucial to reunite clients with property we hold for them. A client is considered:

  • missing if we receive returned mail from Canada Post and cannot find a new address.
  • to have unclaimed property once an amount is payable to them and they are missing or have been unresponsive to our requests for direction about their property. For example, if they have not replied to our inquiries about their maturities at age 71.

As part of this communication effort, we work with the external service provider Equifax, annually in Q4, to confirm the addresses of clients who are missing or who have unclaimed property. With the most recently confirmed address and depending on the situation, we send one of the following mailings to missing or non-responsive unclaimed property clients:

Missing policyholder letter and Client address confirmation form (E4394)

Unclaimed property letter and Unclaimed property client confirmation form (E4450)

In the letter we ask the client to complete the enclosed form and provide policy specific or personal information that we can then use to authenticate them.

If we can authenticate the client based on the information they provide in the form, we'll update their address, notify you, and where applicable, arrange payment for their unclaimed property. If we can't authenticate the client, we will notify them that we need more information before we can take any further action.

The Equifax search process does not affect the client's credit bureau or credit score. The only information obtained by SLF from this search is the client address.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide during our investigation process.

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