In 2021, we let you know we were mailing certain life insurance Clients about a mistake we made. We sent some Clients incorrect income tax slips related to insurance policy loans. We sent our initial letter to Clients in July and August 2021, a reminder letter in October and a letter to some additional Clients in May 2023.

In those letters, we asked Clients to sign and return an authorization form so that we could work directly with the CRA and Revenu Québec on their behalf. This will help keep things simple for Clients and help speed up the process.

On August 15, we’re mailing the original 2021 Clients again to give them an update regarding the timing to resolve these issues. We’re also including a reminder for any Clients who haven’t yet returned their authorization form.

If Clients in your block of business are affected, we’ll send you listings through Activity Centre the week of August 14. We encourage you to remind any Clients who haven’t signed their authorization form to do so. Once we receive their form, we can start this process for them.

To learn more about these Client letters, or to view the Q&A, visit our webpage

We’ve set up a dedicated toll-free number at 1-888-444-2081 to address any questions that you or Clients may have.