Last year we started a journey to modernize the Client Care Centre (CCC) infrastructure to help improve Client experience. Our first enhancements on this journey will provide more intuitive menu prompts and help Clients spend less time waiting on hold.

The roll-out of this new platform for different groups is iterative. As of August 14, when individual insurance Clients and advisors call Sun Life, they’ll experience the new system as the first users. We’ll keep you informed as the project continues the roll-out plan.

Key benefits of the new system

  • Intuitive menu prompts. New menu options will direct calls more quickly to targeted agents to help callers connect with the right person faster.
  • Call-back feature. Callers will be able to request a call-back rather than waiting on hold if their call is not answered within three minutes. If the call-back is not answered the first time, the call-back will return to the queue and the CCC will try again after a minute. If three call-back attempts are missed, callers can call back later at their convenience.
  • New voice on the messaging system. Regular callers may notice a new pre-recorded voice on the CCC system.

Phone numbers are not changing

Clients and advisors will continue to call the same phone numbers currently used to contact the CCC. However, some prompts are changing. Callers should take time to listen to the prompts to avoid choosing the wrong number.

When you call the same number (1-800-800-4786) you’ll notice the new call-back feature and updated voice on the system.

For details on the new prompts, visit

Clients can continue to refer to for information about getting in touch with Sun Life.