What is the CTB and when does it expire?

Clients can add the Child Term Benefit (CTB) to their plan to provide life insurance for their child/children until a certain age. It protects children named on the application, as well as children born to or adopted by the insured after the policy is issued. This includes stepchildren in some cases.

The child and insured threshold ages vary depending on the product and company of issue. Commonly, the child’s protection is in place until they’re 25 or the insured is 65 or 70. You can look into the plan information for benefit specifics.

How often do you need to review policies?

You need to regularly review this benefit with Clients. Otherwise, they may continue paying for it as part of their premium when their children have surpassed the eligible age threshold.

Important note! Unless the Client cancels the CTB, Sun Life will continue to charge the premium if the policy is in effect, or the insured reaches a certain age.

Take action for Clients

Contact Clients, especially those with children you know are near or past the age threshold of the CTB, to determine if they:

  • still need coverage
  • need to convert the coverage to a standalone plan for eligible children
  • need to cancel the benefit

If they need to cancel the CTB, complete Form 87 – Application for change to an existing life insurance policy.

How can reviewing the CTB help you grow your business?

The CTB provides peace of mind and protection for Clients and their families. Staying close to Clients’ needs allows you to start conversations and uncover new opportunities. Once a Client's child has reached adulthood, you have an opportunity to forge a new relationship and offer your advice and expertise to a potential new Client.

For more information about the CTB on various plans, visit the product areas on Suncentral: