We're pleased to announce that the Clarica dividend interest rate of 6.65% will remain the same for 2024.

We’re also maintaining other experience portions of a Client's specific dividend scale, including mortality, policy surrender, expenses and taxes.  The special dividend we announced with the 2023 Clarica dividend scale will also be maintained.

The Clarica dividend scale applies to participating policies issued by:

  • Mutual Life,
  • MetLife,
  • Clarica,
  • Allstate and
  • Prudential.

The Sun Life and Clarica dividend scales are separate with distinct par accounts. We decide the Sun Life dividend scale separately from the Clarica dividend scale. A decision about one dividend scale doesn't mean we'll decide the same for the other.

The dividend interest rate reflects the investment experience of the par account that's passed back to Clients as part of the dividend. It isn't the return that a Client can expect to receive on their policy.

The Board of Directors of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada approved this decision based on Sun Life's Dividend Policy and the recommendation of our Appointed Actuary.

Clients will continue to benefit from Sun Life's prudent management, long-term investment strategy, and the strength of the par account.

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