Social Media

Use the power of social media to increase exposure, stand out, and connect with clients and prospects.

Use the power of social media to increase exposure, stand out, and connect with clients and prospects.

How are you connecting with clients after business hours?

Gain a competitive advantage by using social media as an interactive microsite for your business. Your page provides an overview of your business and allows you to engage with your ideal clients, seven days a week. Where a website acts as a static place to find information, a social media presence is an ever-evolving representation of yourself. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and areas of specialty. It also gives people a sense for how you communicate and engage.

LinkedIn and Facebook are great social media options when it comes to promoting your business. Some key benefits of using social media for business are:

  1. Engage your audience and promote your brand in a creative way
  2. Build visibility and brand familiarity through sharing content
  3. Increase your online exposure through added touchpoints 

53% of all consumers have used social media to gather financial information and/or communication in 2022.1

49% of people searching for an advisor research them on social media.2

1 LIMRA 2022

2 LIMRA 2020

What’s the best way to get noticed?

Social media starts with a personal profile. If you’re an independent advisor, a company page also helps to add more credibility to your profile and can include a direct link to your main website.

1.  Define your brand

Your brand sets you apart from other advisors. Everything you write on your page, and every interaction you have should reflect your brand. 

2.  Create a profile

Your personal profile is your opportunity to share who you are, how you help clients, and how you got to where you are today. Personalise the different sections of your profile to support your brand. The more features you use, the more depth you bring to your profile:

  • Cover photo, headshot, logo
  • Headline/bio
  • Contact information
  • About summary
  • Experience
  • Credentials/education
3.  Start posting

Personalize your brand by having engaging content, such as photos and videos, that encourages interaction. Use albums to organize your content into key sections to highlight what differentiates you. Share your content to your newsfeed and engage with top clients and ideal prospects by posting, commenting, and liking to create awareness and show appreciation.

What content is relevant to your audience?

Interact with your audience by using your soft skills to show your authenticity and the value of your brand. This will help create a sense of familiarity, build long-term social growth, and help you stay top of mind. The most successful interactions aren’t always professional – personal can captivate your audience and encourages their comments.

Posting content

Humanize your brand by being authentic and avoiding industry jargon. Captivate your audience by having a good text to image ratio while using a variety of multimedia approaches. Ensure each post has a purpose and is consistent with your brand. Suggestions of different types of posts include those that:

  • Promote education by sharing infographics and thought leadership content
  • Build trust and familiarity through sharing business and behind the scenes updates through pictures or videos
  • Show your value and authenticity by sharing a story or anecdote
  • Engage your audience by asking questions and giving space for them to respond
  • Relate your brand or services to different days of the year (daylight savings, pie day, mental health awareness, and others)
Responding to interations

An engaging post will capture your audience’s attention and have them interacting with you. Your audience can interact in three ways:

  • Reacting through a like or another emoji 
  • Sharing the post on their own page for their audience to see
  • Commenting relevant thoughts or opinions 

Use each comment as a touchpoint to deepen a professional connection. Ensure to respond in a professional way to their comment within 24 hours, but don’t always rely on canned responses. If it is an inquiry for advice, let them know that you will connect offline.

Interact consistently with your audience to increase brand familiarity, build stronger connections, and help you gain clients for life.

Is your social media strategy working?

Social media, such as Facebook for Business and LinkedIn, offer great tools to measure the success of your activity. Take full advantage of these to get the most out of the platform. If clients are engaging with your posts, their networks are seeing your posts as well. Including a call-to-action in your post to encourage engagement is a common strategy for increasing views.

If you aren’t seeing the results that you want, adapt your strategy. Take a look not only at the total numbers, but also at who is engaging with your content. Are you reaching the right target audience? Are clients seeing your posts? Are your centers of influence (COIs) connecting with you?

Based on your results, change your strategy or approach. Continue doing what’s working well, and change what isn’t.

  • Time of day: Keep track of the time of day you’re posting. Do your morning posts or afternoon posts perform better?
  • Day of the week: Which day of the week is your network most engaged on the platform?
  • Hashtags: Is your content getting in front of the right people? Try using different hashtags or posting about different topics if not.
  • Post type: Do your written posts, links, images, or videos get the most engagement?

Watch this 8-part video series to learn how to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level, grow your network and build your credibility.

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