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Between April 1 and June 30, Clients who submit an application for critical illness insurance (CII) and any permanent product at the same time may be eligible to receive a cheque equivalent to three months of the CII premium.

Please note: Both policies must remain in force for at least six months from the date the CII policy settles.

Bring Clients the solution they need to grow and protect their savings, now and into the future. Clients can get peace of mind knowing they can:

  • Protect their future: Protect their family’s savings and lifestyle from the impact of a critical illness or premature death.
  • Improve tax efficiency: Create additional tax-preferred growth opportunities that have a unique treatment under Canada’s Income Tax Act, beyond what RRSPs and TFSAs can provide.
  • Coverage for life: Get the security of lifetime coverage with premiums that don’t increase, with the option of adding temporary coverage to protect existing debt like your mortgage.
  • Reduce debt risks: Reduce the risk of future debt with the protection of CII and an option to use the cash value in the life insurance policy for emergencies or supplemental income.
  • Leave a legacy: Leave a tax-free payment at death to named beneficiaries.

Take advantage of this limited time promo and offer Clients the tailored coverage they want.

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