Seminar - Buy - Sell agreement SP

These seminars are available from your Regional Sales Director. Contact your Sales Support team for details.

Who pays the tax?

This seminar for advisors reviews the benefits of a funded buy-sell arrangement, discusses the pros and cons of alternative funding arrangements and reviews the tax consequences for the deceased, the estate and the surviving shareholders. It includes a case study to demonstrate the use of Sun Life Financial's industry leading buy-sell needs analysis tool and an overview of the tools available to help market and implement the strategy.

Advanced Buy - Sell structures

Discussion of the reasons for having an insurance-funded buy-sell agreement, and the planning issues when selecting the most suitable structure. Includes a discussion of the 'stop-loss' rules. Review of the mechanics of key buy-sell structures (i.e. criss-cross, redemption, and partial redemption).

The Capital Dividend Account - Purposes, uses and strategies

Review of the Capital Dividend Account (CDA) and its use in dealing with corporate-owned life insurance policies.