Starting March 10, 2023, back offices will no longer receive printed Annual Policyholder Statements for the following products, by default:

  • Sun Limited Pay
  • SunUniversalLife
  • SunUniversal Life MAX
  • Sun Spectrum Universal Life 

This change aligns with our sustainability goals by reducing unnecessary printing. And is a continuation of changes already implemented for other products to reduce the overall number of printed materials.

Note: This does not affect the paper statements currently being sent to Clients on their policy anniversaries.

How can you receive copies of Annual Policyholder Statements?

You can receive copies of the Annual Policyholder Statements for these products in one of two ways:

  1. Self-serve method: For statements available online, you can view and/or print the statements using the View your documents screen on the advisor site through:
    1. Activity Centre, or
    2. the Customer Access Support Tool. For step-by-step instructions refer to the How to access statements online guide on the advisor site.
  2. Email: For statements not available online, you can request to have an Annual Policyholder Statement emailed to you. You can make this request through the Request Centre using the Statements and notices inquiries category.

Note: We’ll continue to print and mail redirected statements (e.g. for those needing review or manual correction) to back offices. That’s because, in these cases, electronic versions are not available on the advisor site.