Business building

Access proven practices of leading advisors, manage your business and wrap your arms around clients to run and grow your practice.

Proven Practices of Leading Advisors

Become a leading advisor by adopting proven practices meant to benefit your business and improve clients’ experience using research from Environics.

Advisor Business Planning

Steer your business forward by creating a strong foundation for growth.

Multi-disciplinary teams

Enhance your value to clients by supporting their full financial picture through the support of a fully equipped and specialised team.

Engaging Women

Learn how to engage women, understand their unique financial concerns, and tailor your communications to build long-term relationships.

Client Management

The success of your business hinges on your ability to build lasting relationships. Be strategic about the service you provide in order to delight your top clients.

Succession Planning

Your practice is your legacy. Use our powerful tools to help you develop a clear roadmap for transitioning your advisory practice, choosing a successor, and assessing your readiness for retirement.

Working with Millennials

Learn how to adapt and embrace this emerging market in order to attract, engage and retain the next generation of investors and the future of wealth.