Corporate retirement strategy

The corporate retirement strategy provides a corporation with valuable life insurance protection on a key person or shareholder and the opportunity to access policy values tax-free immediately or in the future.

Typical client profile: Business owners or key shareholders who have a corporate surplus and want to benefit from the tax-preferred growth of an exempt life insurance policy.

Education and training

printable copy: Guide

Seminar: Demonstrates how a corporate owned cash value life insurance policy can help meet a corporation’s need for liquidity and be used to cash accessibility to a key shareholder. Includes case studies. This seminar is available from your Regional Sales Director. 

An advisor's guide to leveraging a life insurance policy:

  • Using life insurance as collateral for personal and business planning
  • A guide for lawyers, accountants and insurance advisors, this 8 x 11 inch booklet reviews several methods of accessing the cash value of an exempt life insurance policy, including a number of third-party leverage structures, with a balanced discussion of benefits and risks.
  • An advisor's guide to leveraging a life insurance policy

Material for your client

Strategy sales sheet