We’re pleased to announce we’ll be maintaining the Sun Life dividend scale, including the dividend scale interest rate of 6.25%, starting April 1, 2024.

The Board of Directors of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada made this decision based on the recommendation of Sun Life’s appointed actuary and in accordance with​ Sun Life’s Dividend Policy.

We’re also maintaining the experience portions of a Client's specific dividend scale, including mortality, policy surrender, expenses and taxes, as well as the special dividend announced last year for pre-2004 policies.

Our decision to maintain the Sun Life dividend scale interest rate reflects our long-term investment strategy for the Sun Life Par Account. This management approach alongside our large, well-established participating account contributes to strong and stable returns for policyholders. 

The 2024/2025 Sun Life dividend scale isn’t an indicator of future performance. We recommend advisors continue to show illustrations using the current -0.5% and -1% dividend scale interest rates to show Clients future dividends are not guaranteed.

The dividend scale interest rate isn’t the return that a Client can expect from their policy. The rate reflects the investment experience of the Par account and is only a part of a Client’s dividend.

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For further information about participating insurance and dividends, Clients can visit the participating life insurance page.

Thank you for helping Canadians achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives.


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