Participating Insurance

Sun Life Par gives Clients the opportunity to participate in earnings from one of the strongest Par accounts in Canada. With choice, flexibility and guarantees, it helps preserve Clients’ growing wealth.

Permanent Insurance

Permanent insurance is a straightforward answer designed for Clients looking for non-participating coverage that’s easy to understand and provides lifetime protection.

Term Insurance

With more flexibility than ever, SunTerm makes it easier for you to design protection solutions tailored to clients' unique needs. SunTerm provides a term offering that helps clients achieve lifetime financial security.

SunUniversalLife II

Our universal life insurance products give Clients choice, flexibility and guarantees. They can help Clients meet their personal and business goals, as well as their estate planning needs. Universal life insurance can help offset the tax liabilities of a growing estate. It can provide opportunities for tax-preferred savings growth, and help ensure an efficient transfer of wealth to future generations.