Accidental death claims

Processing and payment guidelines

This document explains:

  • what to include with a claim for an accidental death benefit, and
  • what to advise the beneficiaries about the processing and payment of an accidental death benefit.

Note: This only applies to policies that have the accidental death benefit.

When submitting a claim for an accidental death benefit, please send us the following items:

  • newspaper clippings,
  • descriptive details of the accident, and
  • a copy of the police report (if applicable).

If the police report isn't available, please give details of the accident, including the:

  • name of the investigating officer, and
  • police detachment or name of the coroner.

Please contact the beneficiaries and let them know that there could be a delay because of the investigation.

  • For example: if a final coroner's report is needed, this report may not be available for a number of months.
  • Even with a delay, in most cases, we pay the basic insurance amount to the beneficiaries. We process the accidental death benefit separately.
  • Please advise Clients and/or the beneficiaries that there are exclusions on policies and some accidental deaths may be excluded from receiving the accidental death benefit.
  • For example: some policies exclude deaths while piloting a plane.