Large case support

Insurance: Creating remarkable experiences from the start

When you work with Clients, you’re helping them shape their future through your advice and expertise. Our new business and underwriting teams are here to help you do just that, as our industry experts work to deliver a seamless experience for you and your Clients.

With 150 years of experience and one of the strongest new business and underwriting teams in Canada, we’re ready to help with all your insurance needs.

High Value Applications have $50,000 to $250,000 in annual premiums. We’re committed to managing these large cases with care, leading to a remarkable experience for both you and the Client.

Our support for High Value Applications stands out with a:

  • Personal ‘welcome/thank you’ communication from the underwriter
  • Custom application update during the review from the case manager
  • Tailored communication from the underwriter when a decision is made
  • Follow-up from the case manager after the policy is settled, if needed.

Our High Net Worth team specializes in insurance with over $7.5 million of coverage or $250,000 of annual premiums. We know that large cases are complex and often need special attention. That’s why high net worth applications are managed by some of our most experienced underwriters and case managers. Our team also engages other internal experts to discuss and negotiate the best outcomes for the Client.

Submitting a high net worth application means you’ll find:

  • Custom communications directly from your assigned case manager and underwriter
  • Frequent follow ups, keeping you connected throughout the entire application process
  • Support with any decisions that differ from what was expected
  • Underwriters negotiating and advocating for the Client’s best offer with our reinsurance partners

The Strategic Partner Program (SPP) is an exclusive partnership that propels you forward with educational programs, dedicated resources, priority service, application portfolio reviews and development tools. Our teams will support you with:

  • A dedicated case manager and underwriter for your Sun Life business
  • Weekly portfolio reviews, including updates on all pending cases
  • Custom communications and correspondence on unexpected decisions

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Sun Life Select - Reach your highest potential with affluent Clients.

Have a complex case? Concerned about a Client's medical history or how the solution might be viewed financially by the underwriter? Unsure how to articulate the need and/or ownership arrangement? 

Sun Life Select is available — before applying — to help you better present your file to the underwriting department.