Pascale Leblond

Pascale Leblond
Regional Sales Director

1155 Metcalfe
Montreal, QC H3B 2V9
Tel: 418-254-4873

For several years now, Pascale has been exploring the world of financial services. From an advisor to sales manager for major insurers, she has worked closely with independent advisors and some of the largest firms.

Her dynamism, curiosity, experience and dedication, make her a great popularizer and an invaluable asset to her business partners. Passionate by nature, Pascale is always ready to discover and establish the right strategies for the protecting and vesting of accumulated assets, more specifically with entrepreneurs and high net worth families.

Pascale believes that relationships are the foundation of everything and attaches great importance to them.  Her goal is to allow her partners to develop their full potential and become leaders in their field.