A message from Daniele Farinaccia SVP, Distribution, RA&S and Stéphane Vigneault, VP, Distribution, RA&S

The recent horrific and deadly terror attacks on Israel and its people, and the war that has quickly followed have been shocking, with tragic loss of life throughout the region. We condemn terrorism and its horrific consequences.

This is a heartbreaking, stressful and difficult time, particularly for those with family members and friends in both Israel and Gaza. We know this conflict may be weighing heavily on you and your families and communities across Canada. We know in the coming days there will be more pain and loss of innocent people.

We are a company that takes great pride in our caring culture and we will continue speaking out against hate and violence. During this time, we encourage everyone to be there for each other with a focus on listening, understanding, and supporting each other. 

Daniele and Stéphane