Your top 6 Par marketing material picks are updated with 2022 end-of-year figures:

1. Participating whole life insurance facts and figures

810-3827 (English)

820-3827 (French)

870-3827 (Simplified Chinese)

2. Answers about participating (Par) life insurance

810-3403 (English)

820-3403 (French)

3. Commonly asked questions about Par

810-5002 (English)

820-5002 (French)

5. How to illustrate participating whole life insurance dividends

810-4364 (English)

820-4364 (French)

6. Sun Par policy performance over time
810-5108 (English) 820-5108 (French)

New Par marketing material alert

Check out this new fact sheet that can help you explain how mortality impacts the Par dividend to Clients.

Why mortality matters

810-5209 (English)

820-5209 (French)

870-5209 (Simplified Chinese)

Everything you need to sell Par

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