Logo usage guidelines

Guidelines for using the Sun Life Financial logo

Please note: Only Advisors who have done business or Firms who are contracted with Sun Life Financial can request the logo usage.

Please have the form below completed prior to emailing for a request. Once completed in its entirety, please attach it to your email and send to: SLF_Wholesale_distribution@sunlife.com.


  • We require a proof of the final design before you print or post the logo electronically. Send the proof to SLF_Wholesale_distribution@sunlife.com at least 1 week before the logo is printed or posted.
  • The third party agreement will end one year after the date of the original event or the date the use of the logo begins. To extend the use beyond one year, a new third party agreement is required.

Please provide the following information:

  • How will the logo be used? (e.g. seminar ad, web page, promotional item)
  • Full legal name of company, organization or individual who will be producing the ad, web page, or item using the logo
  • Name and title of individual authorized to sign on behalf of the company using the logo
  • Full mailing address of company including city, province and postal code
  • Advisor's first and last name
  • Name of event
  • Date of event or date use will begin
  • Email address of the person to whom we should send the agreement
  • Do you require a French logo? Yes/No
  • Will the logo be used in colour or in black and white?
  • What will the background colour be?
  • What file format is required?*
  • Will this logo be placed on a website? Yes/No. If yes, please provide the URL link

*The EPS format is primarily used in an application to cloth or vinyl (e.g. t-shirts, jackets, hats, banners). The JPEG format is primarily used in digital applications or in Word.

The TIFF format is primarily used in print applications; the file size is larger due to the quality of the file.

  1. A Trademark License Agreement will be created and filled out by the Business Development team once received the logo request form is complete.
  2. The agreement will then be sent back to requestor for a signature and date (scanned copy is acceptable).

Please send SLF_Wholesale_distribution@sunlife.com a proof of the logo and its use for approval before going to print or notify us when the URL link is ready to be reviewed if the logo is being placed on a website.

When using our logo, please ensure:

  1. The logo has sufficient "white" or "clear" space around it'. (Minimum of approximately the size of the 'n' in the Sun Life Financial logo.)
  2. If using colour, that the colours are being reproduced as closely as possible to the following Pantones:
    • Blue: Pantone solid coated 547
    • Yellow: Pantone solid coated 124
  3. The logo appears in either the top left corner or bottom right corner of your piece.

Please also note that ads must present the independent nature of the individual broker or firm who is sponsoring the ad. Here's an approved example: "(Advisor) is an independent broker who sells products issued by Sun Life Financial as well as products issued by other insurance and financial services companies." All copy must be approved by the Sun Life Financial head office.

Further information on the use of the SLF logo can be found at: http://www.sunlife.com/brandmanager


Please contact the Business Development team: SLF_Wholesale_distribution@sunlife.com