Sample "Reasons Why" Letters

The sample letters in this document are meant to serve as examples only. There are many different variations of what should be included in the letters. The advisor should use care and thoughtfulness when writing the letters to ensure they accurately represent the discussions that took place with the client and recommendations made. The guidance boxes on the right of each sample will provide guidance on what to include in the corresponding section.

The following seven bullets make up the required elements of a “reasons why” letter:

  • Identify the carrier, the product sold and type of insurance it represents
  • A plain language summary of the client circumstances that led to the recommendation
  • A plain language description of the needs  addressed by the recommendation
  • If the recommendation does not fully meet the client need, a plain language explanation of the difference needs to be included
  • If the recommendation does not address certain needs , a follow up plan to address in the future
  • A plain language explanation on any fee structures chosen (where there was choice)
  • Call to action for the client to ask any questions if anything is unclear or is not correct