On November 20, we’re making the next round of updates to modernize our Contact Centre. The changes include new menu prompts with intuitive routing to help reduce wait times, get calls to the right place faster and improve your overall experience.

Be sure to listen to the prompts before making a selection. For details on the prompts, visit suncentral.sunlife.ca/en/contactus.

The new Contact Centre experience for insurance callers started August 14

As part of our journey to modernize our Contact Centre infrastructure we made our first changes in August which included:

  • New voice and other features including broadcast messaging, emergency close and estimated wait time announcement.
  • Intuitive menu prompts. 
  • Courtesy call back where callers can now request a call-back rather than waiting on hold.  
  • Data enabled routing to direct calls to the correct agent, the first time. 

As a reminder, we’re taking an iterative approach to improve our processes, platforms, and services. This will help ensure we provide Clients and advisors intuitive, easy access to the right support channels.

We’ll keep you informed as the project continues the roll-out plan.