About the Canadian Dental Care Plan

The CDCP is one of the largest health programs rolled out by the Canadian Government in the last few decades. The program will provide dental care for up to nine million eligible Canadians. The program will be available to families and individuals with a net family income of less than $90,000. 

Sun Life was selected as the official administrator of this landmark program. This reaffirms our strong reputation as a trusted health partner and our commitment to help Canadians live healthier lives.  

The Government of Canada began mailing out letters to eligible Canadians in December 2023. The program is being rolled out in phases. The full schedule and details on eligibility are available on the Government of Canada’s website.  

Looking ahead

There’s a lot of work ahead to get this national program off the ground and running. Together, we’ll be working with the Government of Canada to help get this program ready for day-one. This includes: 

  • A public website for both providers and members
  • A dedicated Client call centre for dental provider and member inquiries
  • Dedicated administration teams for all aspects of this program to ensure we continue to support our existing Clients seamlessly.

What the CDCP means for Personal Health Insurance and Health Coverage Choice  

Personal Health Insurance (PHI) and Health Coverage Choice (HCC) are private plans with optional or built-in dental provide excellent coverage. The CDCP is available to help support Canadians who do not have existing dental coverage, either through a workplace or private plan. Clients with questions about their eligibility should meet with an advisor to review their coverage to ensure it’s meeting their individual needs. 

More information

We are committed to supporting you and will share more information as it become available. You can also visit the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) website for more details