Suncentral is now the one place to connect with us for your insurance business, and officially replaced the Sun Life Advisor and Sun Life Consulting sites.

Experience features you’ll love

With the launch of Suncentral you can:

  • Find everything in one place now. Access all Sun Life advisor sites in a single, seamless experience for your insurance business. 
  • Enjoy a simple and intuitive design that makes things easier. The new look, modern layout and design gives you easy access to the content and tools you use most. 
  • Use the site with confidence knowing people like you co-created almost every detail.
    • Smart search so you can find what you need quickly and with ease. 
    • Alerts and news you can’t miss, with a home screen that prioritizes important information. 
    • Enhanced forms experience to sort and find forms in seconds using advanced search, filter, eSign flag and favourite options. 
    • Better mobile capability means you can read on the go with optimized mobile performance. 
  •  Have a superior experience when you sign-in.
    • A streamlined homepage, featuring a clean and simple design for maximum efficiency. 
    • A centralized console that lets you quickly find the tools you need and access new business and in force tasks with fewer clicks. 
    • Self-serve training so you can earn CE credits or boost your knowledge and confidence with Sun Life tools and processes. 

Much of what you’re familiar with from the Advisor site will remain the same

Rest easier knowing that: 

  • Your access ID and password remain the same. Whatever credentials* you used to sign-in to the Advisor site are the same for Suncentral. And you don’t have to sign in until you’re ready.  
  • We’ve redirected  your bookmarks. Any pages you bookmarked on the Advisor site will redirect to the new location on Suncentral. However, we do encourage you to update your bookmarks when you land on the new pages.  
  • The same, great content you had before is still available. We’ve simply organized it in a new menu. 
  • The tools you use remain unchanged. Tools and resources, like eApp for example, function the same as they did on the Advisor site. 

We’re here to help

The How to use the site page has everything you need to feel at home on Suncentral.

We’re just getting started

This launch of Suncentral is just the beginning. We’ll continue to build on and improve the site for you – and with you. If you want to contribute to future Suncentral upgrades join the Voice of the Advisor Forum (VOA) to have your say.  

Get to know Suncentral

See the site for yourself ! Your central connection is here.

Questions: For insurance products or plan specific information, including general inquiries about Suncentral navigation, tools and forms call 1-800-800-4786.

*Forgot your ID or password? Visit the Forgot Access ID or password page to fix that. If you don’t have an ID or password, you can register online.