Connecting through webinars and seminars

Reconnect with Clients and generate leads through webinars and seminars

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Reconnect with Clients and generate leads through webinars and seminars

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A key indicator of trust is giving information away without asking anything in return. Webinars and seminars do just that – they are an opportunity to educate and inform. By consistently offering valuable information relevant to your ideal Clients’ needs, you can position yourself as a trusted source of advice.

Whether you host an in-person seminar, or an online webinar, you can deepen relationships with existing Clients and attract new prospects to your business.

The benefits of hosting a seminar or webinar are abundant. Here are some of the key benefits :

  • Strengthen relationships with Clients: Stay top of mind and re-engage with many Clients at the same time.
  • Gain referrals: Engaging with Clients who are likely to recommend you may lead to more referrals. Clients may also invite others who would be interested in the event.
  • Attract new prospects: People seeking information on a specific topic may sign up for your event without any prior contact with you.
  • Position yourself as a thought leader: Presenting on relevant financial topics can help position you as a trusted source for advice in your area of specialty.

The objective of a seminar or webinar is to generate one-on-one meetings later on. Following up with your attendees to thank them for joining and offering to set up a meeting is a key step in holding your event.

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Seminars are in-person events, while webinars simply take place online. There’s many similarities and differences between the types of events:


  • Requires an event venue (conference room, restaurant, office space, etc.) and audio-visual equipment
  • Small guest list to allow for personal conversations with all guests
  • Presentation with Q&A period followed by networking
  • Includes light refreshments or a full sit-down meal
  • Between one to three hours long


  • Requires video conferencing platform
  • Guest list determined by capacity of video platform
  • Presentation with Q&A period
  • Can be recorded and shared with participants and registrants who weren’t able to make it
  • Between 30 minutes to one hour

Use the webinar planning tool and sample monthly topics in the toolkit to help you organize! 

Get your toolkit to get started building your webinars and seminars strategy.

Get your toolkit

Ask your Sun Life relationship manager for access to the Webinar Planning Tool to plan your webinar marketing strategy.

Plan a monthly strategy with useful Example topics by month

Use the Webinar Tools List to check off what you need

Run a smooth webinar with our Tips for Webinar Host and Presenter

Utilize our Successful Webinar Best Practices

Invite people to attend using the Webinar Invitation Email Template


Contact your Sun Life relationship manager to learn more about this program and the resources available to you.