Individual retirement strategy

This is the classic leveraged life insurance concept, used to supplement the client"s retirement income. We provide a range of tools to support you in illustrating and presenting this concept to your clients.

Typical client profile: Age 40+ with personal income in a high-tax bracket, has already maximized available RRSP contributions, needs to shelter excess cash flow from further taxation, wishes to leave more to beneficiaries tax-free upon death

Education and training

printable copy: Guide

Seminar: Examines the challenge high income clients have in funding adequate retirement income using traditional taxable investments including registered plans. The Personal retirement account strategy explains how an exempt life insurance policy can be used to accumulate funds on a tax-preferred basis while providing the opportunity for enhanced income during retirement. Includes case studies. This seminar is available from your Regional Sales Director. Contact your Individual sales support team for details.

An advisor's guide to leveraging a life insurance policy:

Using life insurance as collateral for personal and business planning. A guide for lawyers, accountants and insurance advisors, this 8 x 11 inch booklet reviews several methods of accessing the cash value of an exempt life insurance policy, including a number of third-party leverage structures, with a balanced discussion of benefits and risks.

Material for your client

Strategy sales sheet