The MGA year-end is coming up fast! It’s important to be aware of these dates to guarantee your pending cases are part of your 2023 commissions:

  • December 1: The last day to submit conversion applications.
  • December 14: The last day to courier settlement documents to guarantee 2023 commission payout.
  • December 15: The last day for Sun Life to receive settlement documents (including cheques), to count the cases toward 2023 commissions.
  • December 19: Sun Life’s settlement close date for 2023 commissions.

Commission payout will happen before the end of the year, based on the applicable remuneration schedule.

Settling policies from December 20-22

If we settle a policy between December 20-22, it’s possible that it will count toward your 2023 commissions. There are many factors that will determine when the commission will be paid out during this time (e.g. advisor bank selection, product type etc.).

If you want to guarantee 2023 commission, please follow the schedule we’ve outlined above. 

Questions? Contact our Advisor Experience Team.