Family protection solutions

The opportunity

Parents want to do what's right for their family and that includes building and maintaining a strong financial foundation for their family's future.

Having the right insurance in place for each family member is an important step in protecting that foundation.

You can use these family protection marketing materials to start the conversation and show clients how life insurance and critical illness insurance (CII) can work together to protect each member of their family.

Target market

Consider clients, typically between the ages of 29 and 45, who are parents of young or teenaged children.

A three-step approach to family protection

This approach can help you simplify the conversation with families when multiple solutions are needed to protect each family member. It's a flexible way to help you drive the conversation and tailor solutions to fit their needs and budget. When speaking with clients and prospects, keep these three steps in mind:

  1. Protect parents using life insurance
  2. Protect each member of the family with CII
  3. Protect children with life insurance

For example, with new clients you may want to start at step one and explore their needs. For existing clients, you may want to acknowledge the positive steps they've already taken and then proceed to the remaining ones.

Marketing and support materials

Start the conversation:

Consider this:

Articles on

Check out for more articles.

Videos on

Send clients links to

Brighter Life helps clients learn about topics that affect their everyday life. Sending clients links to specific Brighter Life articles helps you introduce the need to protect their family, before you talk about solutions. has a page devoted to helping clients understand family protection options. Send clients a link to this page to make it easier for them to prepare and feel more comfortable before meeting with you.

Family Protection with Sun Critical Illness Insurance