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A provocative thought leadership series that urges you to rethink the way you view our products, and other areas of interest.

rethink logo

A provocative thought leadership series that urges you to rethink the way you view our products, and other areas of interest.

What is rethink?

With Sun Life’s rethink, our Professional Insights team provides valuable insights into points of interest that matter the most to you, including:

  • Ideas that may resonate with your clients and centres of influence
  • Taxation
  • Industry trends
  • Sun Life and our competitors
  • The Canadian economy

Our goal is to provide timely information and concepts. Be sure to check back every month for updates. 

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Last updated: October 2022

Do you find it difficult to broach the subject of CII with Clients? In under 5 minutes, learn a 3-step strategy for having winning CII conversations.

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Last updated: July 2022

See how a cascading insurance strategy can mitigate risk, offer tax-advantaged growth and allow transfer of ownership and benefit payment between generations tax-free.

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Last updated: July 2022

See how, with the right alternative, Clients could save money by growing excess cash within their policy. And the rate at which that cash needs to grow is lower than you might think.

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Last updated: July 2022

Understand how we manage the Par Account assets to achieve our optimal mix of long-term returns and low volatility, and rethink which indicators should give you the most confidence in the illustrations you provide to Clients.

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Last updated: November 2022

Explore how Canadians can donate assets, like life insurance, to ensure they make the biggest impact.

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Last updated: July 2022

You can incorporate long term insurance needs into the well-known strategy of an insured annuity by adding Sun Retirement Health Assist (RHA) insurance. See how clients’ situations are greatly improved by this more holistic solution.

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Last updated: April 2022

Help Clients rethink their options for keeping the recreational property in the family.

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Last updated:  February 2022

This overview of Par, UL and Sun Permanent Life offers an easy tool to help you match product features and options to the Client in front of you.

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Last updated:  January 2022

See how redirecting a small portion of excess income to a term life insurance policy can be a low MER approach that allows for growth and security.

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Last updated: November 2021

See how Sun Retirement Health Assist (RHA) can support Clients’ plans by helping prepare them for the cost of long-term care. 

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Last updated:  November 2021

Learn about options to help Clients transfer or share the cost of needing long-term care as they age.

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Last updated: February 2021

Show corporate Clients and their accountants that life insurance is more than just an expense. Permanent life insurance can enhance the value of a business as a positive asset on the financial statements.

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Last updated: November 2020

When a Client decides on the length of their term policy, they’re forecasting how long their need for insurance will be. See how by adding the renewal protection benefit, some Clients could pay less than if they initially selected a longer term policy.

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Watch time: 22 mins

One of the greatest benefits of universal life (UL) insurance is its flexibility. But if it’s not positioned well, Clients may struggle to understand it, and to make use of its full potential. See the advantages of UL when it’s used as part of a flexible portfolio.

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Watch time: 5 mins

Insurance premiums are often perceived as an expense. Does the high base premium of participating life insurance mean it is expensive? Watch to learn about this common misconception.

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Watch time: 7 mins

When it comes to generating income after retirement, many Canadians are concerned about their financial security. As life expectancy continues to rise, they are worried about outliving their money. Watch to see how Canadians can address this concern with a payout annuity.

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Watch time: 5 mins

Watch a comparison of 3 common options for structuring a 10-pay policy and highlights important considerations for Clients.

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Last updated: 2020

Knowing how to protect and access your investments is becoming as important as choosing where to invest. Use the following guide to help advise Clients during tough times.

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Last updated: 2020

Client’s often feel they’re losing money on insurance unless they claim soon. See how to address this emotional concern with return of premium on death (ROPD) benefit on Sun Perm. 

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Last updated: 2020

Holding passive investments in a corporation could lead to paying more to the tax man. See how allocating a portion into permanent insurance with growing cash values could be a better solution.

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Last updated: 2020

Could Clients afford to take unpaid leave if one of their children became critically ill?

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