Individual investment strategy

Many affluent individuals accumulate funds in taxable investments during their lifetime, and end up not needing this money to support their own lifestyle during retirement. An exempt life insurance policy can be used to significantly increase the estate value of these "excess" assets, or the excess income they generate.

Typical client profile: Age 60+ with significant non-registered assets, does not require cash flow generated by capital, prefers security of low risk investments, is concerned about erosion of estate capital, would like to leave more to his or her beneficiaries.

Education and training

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Seminar: This seminar for advisors explains how clients with excess income or assets, can use an exempt life insurance policy to maximize the value they can transfer to their beneficiaries. Traditional investments may be taxed during accumulation and at death, and are subject to estate settlement costs and delays, and are exposed to the claims of creditors. An exempt life insurance policy can help avoid all of these problems, leading to a larger legacy. This seminar is available from your Regional Sales Director. Contact your Individual sales support team for details.

Material for your client

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