Helping Clients stay connected with you

Once their term policy is mailed, Clients will receive a welcome letter inviting them to register on Once logged in, they’ll see messages that help them engage with their product and advisor. We’ll also send timely emails when Clients need to take action.

The servicing advisor’s contact information is prominent on all term insurance communications, so Clients know you’re the person to contact when they need advice. 

Here’s an overview of the digital content Clients will see:

  • Evolve Term: content on to remind them they can increase their coverage after the first policy year, at certain life events. 
  • Bridge Term: content on and emails to remind them to re-apply for life insurance once they’ve resolved medical requirements.
  • Achievers Term: content on and emails to remind them to re-submit labs within one year.
  • Clients living with diabetes: emails to register for the Diabetes Care Program* and resources to help them manage their health.

*Eligibility for the Diabetes Care Program will depend on the Client’s location and the type of diabetes they’re living with. The Diabetes Care Program is not currently available in Quebec.

Want more details? Check out the Direct-to-Client communications overview and samples outlining the Client engagement experience by product. 

Check out our resources page for helpful materials on a deeper dive into products and how to start the conversation with Clients.

Questions? Reach out for support.