Lidia Pirrie

Grow your business. Help Clients keep what they’ve built.

Lidia Pirrie
Regional Sales Director, Central SW & Atlantic Region

Phone: 416-408-8799

Lidia Pirrie’s experience has taught her to understand the challenges and successes advisors and estate planners face every day. Having owned two small businesses and previously worked as a financial advisor, she’s seen the many struggles and wins they experience from many angles. It’s why she’s passionate about helping advisors grow their business as they help their Clients keep what they’ve spent a lifetime building. Case consultations and comparative analysis are just some of the skills Lidia offers advisors. She has a reputation for simplifying complex concepts and strategies into solutions advisors can share with their Clients. She enjoys showing advisors how competitive analysis can transform their business. In fact, in her previous role as a Senior Business Development Manager, Lidia’s advisor training sessions combined estate planning concepts with competitive analysis which resulted in a 300% increase in sales submissions.  Her professional certifications include LLQP and Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS). She has also continued her education with courses in tax planning, estate planning, and target marketing. As a Regional Sales Director, Lidia provides consultation services to brokers and financial planners to help them build a comprehensive risk planning solution that will empower their Clients to meet their specific goals.  Lidia has an unyielding commitment to quality service, a drive to achieve results, and an approach that involves listening and asking questions to understand the complete picture. By sharing sales ideas and language advisors can use with their Clients, Lidia helps advisors differentiate themselves and provide the solutions that will help them increase sales.