10 reasons to choose SunUniversalLife II

SunUniversalLife II is one of the most feature-rich UL solutions available to Canadians. Here are the top ten features and benefits that make it a leading choice for Clients.

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose SunUniversalLife II

Choice. With six COI options, five death benefit options, 18 managed accounts and a great suite of optional benefits, Clients can truly customize coverage to their needs.   

Flexibility. Clients determine their payment amounts within set limits, giving them the flexibility to tailor their payments to their cash flow. Within Level, Limited pay, or YRT COI options, Clients can choose to make minimum payments, or to contribute to additional funding of their policy.    

The power of YRT. YRT options give Clients fully paid-up protection by age 70 or age 85, and lower COI in the early years increases the opportunity for tax-preferred growth.

Level plus ROP. Clients get the comfort of knowing their beneficiaries will receive all payments made into a policy in addition to the level death benefit.

Level plus ACB. Unique to Sun UL II, Level plus adjusted cost basis helps business owners ensure their corporation will always be able to credit its capital dividend account with an amount at least equal to the initial insurance amount, even in the early years of a policy.  

Investment account options. Clients have access to a diversified lineup of recognized investment account options that help meet their risk tolerance and savings goals. Even better, there are no additional fees on managed accounts.

The Sun Life Diversified Account. Offering smoothed returns in a UL solution, this investment account is a great way to manage volatility in a UL portfolio. It earns an interest rate based on the average smoothed yield of a variety of investments in private fixed income, bonds, real estate, and equities.

Access to policy value. Low surrender charges let Clients access more of the cash value of their policy. If Clients become disabled, injured, or critically ill, they may be able to use their policy fund value tax-free. 

A unique estate planning option. Joint last-to-die, payments to first death combines with the Early death benefit option to provide great protection. On the first death, the survivor receives a tax-free benefit, and the base coverage for the second benefit is fully paid up.

A better Client experience. With best-in-class support from an expert distribution team, and leading underwriting requirements at older ages, you can deliver the coverage Clients want.