Mutual funds

Sun Life Global Investments (Canada) Inc. brings together the strenth of Sun Life
Financial with the best in asset management from around the world to offer a line-up of well -diversfied mutual funds:

  • Sun life Granite Managed Solutions*
    Can support a wide range of investment objectives, from capital preservation to capital growth to income.
  • Sun Life Milestone Funds
    Provide a simplified investment solution with a guaranteed maturity value that can help with your investment goals, even in turbulents markets
  • Diversified income funds
    Seek to generate income by investing accross various asset classes, sectors, and geographies.Like most income funds, they prioritize income generation over capital appreciation.
  • Equity funds
    Invest in shares of companies and offer the investor the potential for growth in their investment over time. Equity funds have a variety of management styles.
  • Asset allocation and balanced funds
    Are a mix of equities,bonds and cash equivalents.
  • Fixed income funds
    Invest in bonds and have the potential for growth while providing a source of income.
  • Corporate class funds
    May be suitable for investors who are looking for a tax-efficient vehicle for their non registered assests.
  • Private Client
    Offers a comprehensive range of mutual funds for affluent investors.

To learn more about Sun Life Global Investiments contact our Wealth Sales Support team at 1-877-837-7844.

*On July 29, 2015, the word "Managed" was replaced by the word "Granite" in the name of each Sun Life Granite Manages Solution