Get ready for instant approval, and other enhancements, in Sun eApp’s November 19 release. Here’s what you can expect.

You can tell Clients if they’re instantly approved

We’re excited to introduce a feature that’s unique in the industry: Instant underwriting approval on qualifying applications. Using real-time, predictive modelling, you’ll be able to tell Clients during their application if they’re instantly approved.

How does it work?

If the application qualifies for instant approval, we’ll let you know on the ‘Interview selection’ screen. When you choose to complete the non-medical questions, you’ll find out on the ‘Requirements’ screen if the Client is instantly approved.

We've expanded Instant approval eligibility for both individual and corporate policies. It’s available at the following amounts:

Life insurance

Critical illness insurance






Up to $500K


Up to $250K


Up to $3M


Up to $500K


Up to $1M*


Up to $250K


Up to $500K*


Up to $100K


Up to $100K



*If Labs are not raised as requirements.

Instant approval is only available for single product applications with a single insured.

More new Sun eApp features to watch for

  • Easily select preferred rates. For term products, you’ll have the option to select preferred rates. Based on your selection, we'll automatically add labs as a requirement and let you know if the Client is approved for reduced rates after underwriting. This feature will save you time – as you don’t need to make notes in the special instructions.
  • Re-use evidence from applications. Sun eApp will now ask if there’s previous evidence submitted to Sun Life (within the last 6 months). This enhancement will provide a better Client experience, as you won’t have to ask them for evidence again.
  • Fewer restrictions for ordering requirements. We’re removing a previous restriction on who can order underwriting requirements. In all scenarios, we’re allowing you to indicate who’s ordering requirements; there’s no need to make notes in special instructions.

Try Sun eApp

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