Get started using Sun Life eClaims

What is Sun Life eClaims?

Sun Life eClaims is a smart and intuitive process to submit life insurance claims with ease.

Logging in

Find the eClaims portal on your sign-in page.

Submitting a claim

To submit a life insurance claim, provide the details of the policy and deceased.  

Pre-fill and save-as-draft/assistant access

Claims can be saved or paused as a draft for up to 14 days at any point in the application.

Attachments and requirements

Most claim forms are available to be completed electronically. Additionally, you can upload new documents at any point after submitting a claim.

We recommend starting the submission process with the documents you currently have; save all changes and come back to the claim when you’re ready to continue.

Tracking a claim status in your dashboard

Check the real-time status of submitted claims by accessing your dashboard. You’ll also receive an email every time there is an update on the claim submitted.

Where can I get help?

For technical support, please contact Advisor Technology Support at 1-800-800-4786. For other questions, reach out to the claims team at

For claims other than life insurance, please email More options will be added in the future. For the time being, Sun Life eClaims only accepts life insurance claims.