Introducing Suncentral Favourites: your personal quick link navigation

We want to give you the flexibility to pin your most used items and make them easier and quicker to find.

Suncentral Favourites lets you ‘bookmark’ content pages and PDFs found on Suncentral and organize it for your personal use.

To access the new Favourites feature, make sure you’re logged into your account on the secure side of Suncentral.

Available features include:

Favourites Tab

You’ll see a new tab on the secure homepage called Favourites where you can view all your saved favourites.

Adding a folder

You’ll be able to add  new folders to organize favourite items in your preferred way. Customize them with unique names to find what you need quick and save time preparing for Client meetings and other daily tasks.

Saving an item

When viewing a content page or a PDF you’ll have the option to save that item as a Favourite - you can do this by clicking on the star icon and either add it to an existing folder or create a new one.

Deleting an item

From your favourites homepage you’ll be able to remove an item from a folder by clicking the delete icon.

Deleting a folder

From your favourites homepage you’ll be able to delete a folder and all items in it by clicking the folder-level delete icon.

For a full breakdown of the new feature and how to use it, check out our user guide.

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