For the purpose of this document, the terms “Client(s)” or “Quebec Client(s)” or “Client(s) in Quebec” refer to Clients who reside in Quebec.

For interactions with Clients, the most important actions in complying with the law are:

  • Ensuring that French applications are always presented first.  
  • Ensuring French contracts are always delivered to Clients, regardless of language of preference.

Sun Life acknowledges the presentation of French first as a best practice in Quebec. 

In our previous communication, we outlined the steps required to comply with Law 14 for new applications. We continue to work on the following areas to make complying with Law 14 easier for you: 

French application delivery process Contract delivery – both French and English Acknowledgement wording for applications  
Completed with your support as mentioned in the previous communication Automatically delivered at the same time starting in November The application updates will be ready in Q4 2023

Sample policy pages available online

As always, you can find sample policies in French and English on Suncentral to share with clients as needed for the following products:

Questions? Refer to the Law 14 frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Suncentral.

*Click “Sample policy pages” to access the dropdown of files to download.