Worry-free guaranteed income and an updated illustration tool!

More Canadians are living longer and there’s a risk that many of them could outlive their retirement savings. To help manage longevity and market risk when building retirement income portfolios, payout annuities may provide:

  • Guaranteed lifetime income to help cover essential expenses
  • Protection from volatile markets and interest rate fluctuations
  • A higher income rate than other similar products
  • Tax and estate planning efficiencies
  • Freedom from ongoing investment management (assets in the annuity)

What’s more, they’re simple! These benefits mean a worry-free, easy source of guaranteed income. With essential expenses covered, other investments in clients’ portfolios can continue to grow, fund lifestyle needs and help keep pace with inflation. A diverse portfolio comprising a payout annuity and other types of investments can provide protection, growth, and liquidity.

Sun Life Global Investments’ updated Payout Annuity Income Illustration Tool!

When working with us you can create most of your own payout annuity sales illustrations. Available April 15, we’ve launched an updated version of our Payout Annuity Income Illustration Tool to help support your business. It will have the same benefits as the current WebQuote version:

  • Available 24/7
  • Save, retrieve, confirm illustrations
  • Guided experience and enhanced support for you

But in addition, you’ll find great new features:

  • A detailed, customizable dashboard to track illustrations and sales
  • The ability to save quotes in progress
  • Client-friendly, detailed outputs that better support client conversations in HTML and PDF formats
  • Alignment with other Sun Life tools

Further support

We’ve created a “How to submit Payout Annuity business” and a “Working with the Payout Annuity Income Illustration Tool” document for you to learn more about the tool and how to use it. If you have any further questions, please speak to your Wealth Sales team or sign into sunlifeglobalinvestments.com or suncentral.sunlife.ca to start using the updated tool today!