Death claims of $150,000 or less - express claim

Express claim guidelines

When the total face amount payable of all life insurance policies is $150,000 or less, we can pay the full claim as an express claim without any forms or proof of death for the insured.

If the beneficiary predeceased the insured, we will require the date of death and the name and phone number of the funeral home if known, otherwise please submit a proof of death.

The claim qualifies as an express claim only if all of the following additional conditions apply:

  1. The policy must be a life insurance product.
  2. The death took place in Canada or the United States.
  3. The coverage has been in force continuously for at least 5 years before the death of the insured and there has been no reinstatements requiring evidence within this time period.
  4. The policy is not currently collaterally assigned.
  5. There are no title complications such as anything that might impact who is entitled to receive the payment.
  6. There are no concerns about the cause of death.
  7. If there is an accidental death benefit the cause of death cannot be an accident.
  8. The name, address and telephone number of the funeral home must all be provided.
  9. The life insurance policy is not registered.
  10. The death of a child listed under the child term attachment. If the child was born after policy application we will require proof of death and proof of parenthood.
  11. The beneficiary is not a company.
  12. The beneficiary is not a minor.
  13. If the beneficiary predeceased proof of death of that beneficiary is required.
  14. If the beneficiary is the Estate the total amount paid must be under $150,000.
  15. If the beneficiary wishes to receive settlement by lump sum payment.

We need 7 pieces of information to settle an Express claim:

  1. Date of birth
  2. Date of death
  3. Marital Status
  4. Cause of death
  5. Place of death
  6. Funeral Home Information (Name, Address & phone number)
  7. Confirmation that beneficiaries are over 18 years of age