To ensure compliance with Law 14 in Quebec, effective December 14, 2023, Sun Life will begin delivering both French and English contracts to Clients based in Quebec whose preferred language is English. At this time all policies issued prior to this date will remain in English.

According to the legislation, “Contracts of Adhesion” require translation. This means only a portion of the contract requires translation to comply. As a result, the French contract will contain some English content for these Clients.

Contract delivery process

We’ll produce both a French and English contract for all Quebec residents whose preferred language is English.

Some policies may require special handling, such as exclusions. For these policies, this will result in a  five business day delay between the production of the French and English policies.

When you’re delivering contracts, please ensure the French contract is delivered to the Client first.

Application updates

We’re updating the paper and Sun eApp applications to confirm that a French application was presented, but the Client chose to complete the English application. This update will also include confirmation that the Client understands they’ll receive both a French and English contract. Watch for these updates before the end of the year.

Questions? Refer to the Law 14 frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Suncentral.