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There is no algorithm for trust.

It's built by advisors like you.

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There is no algorithm for trust.

It's built by advisors like you.

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Your advice is the future.

Technological innovation and changing Client expectations are disrupting the advisor business. Robo-advisors and chatbots are on the rise, and Clients can now get answers to their questions without any human interaction.

But the human-to-human advice you give is irreplaceable. You go beyond the facts and figures to uncover what matters most to Clients. With trust and empathy at the centre of all you do.

Discover how to tell a more holistic story about the value of advice. Use every touchpoint as an opportunity to build trust and deepen Client relationships. 

Advice begins and ends with trust

A good advisor asks their Clients very deep questions about their goals, dreams and desires. Translating this intimate knowledge into the decisions that need to be made makes financial advice priceless.

- Wayne Miller, AVP Marketing and Business Development, Sun Life

Are you telling a holistic story about the value of your advice? Are you using these moments of truth to deepen Client relationships? Each touchpoint, from discovery to stewardship, allows you to connect with Clients and showcase your value. 

Give Clients a view into the journey you’re embarking on together and what they can expect when working with an advisor by sharing The advice journey resource. 

Take it a step further by walking Clients through a visual illustration of your unique Client Engagement Process. This gives insight into all the work that goes on behind the scenes. The more Clients understand the details of what you do for them, the more they’ll appreciate your value.






Goals & dreams

Concerns & fears



Family dynamics

Assets & insurance


Risk tolerance

Time horizon

Wills & POA

Cash flows

Asset growth

Debt repayment

Tax planning




Scenario testing







Prenuptial agreement

COI referrals

Product selection







Family conversations



Legacy & values


Major purchases

Illness in the family

Aging & incapacity

Mental health

Death in family

Are you ready to build trust on a human level and uncover what Clients value most? It starts at Discovery. A guide to deeper Client discovery shares how to set the tone in meetings, set expectations with Clients and conduct a deeper Client discovery, to get to the heart of what really matters.

While traditional finance assumes that investors are rational and can process all information unbiased, behavioral finance recognizes that people often make financial decisions based on emotion and behavioural biases. In fact, 90% of financial decisions are made on emotion.1

We all have strong ingrained biases that exist deep within our psyche. While they can serve us well in our day-to-day lives, they can have the opposite effect with investing. As a result, advisors find themselves spending a lot of their time trying to minimize Clients’ behavioural mistakes, especially during times of uncertainty.

For many Clients, there is a gap between what they know they should do and their behaviors – what they actually do. As an advisor, you stand between Clients and a potentially big mistake.

Advisors who can combine their technical expertise with an understanding of behavioral finance offer a very valuable combination of skills. Research shows that addressing the investment behavior of Clients may be the greatest value you can provide.

By helping Clients overcome investor biases, you can reduce short-term and/or emotional decision making and keep Clients invested during times of volatility, all while strengthening trust and deepening the relationship.

1Prospect Theory of Decision Making, Daniel Kahneman

We believe in the value of advice, and that advice needs to be shared.

We’re collaborating with advisors and industry experts to learn best practices for engaging with Clients and growing their businesses. Get inspired about the business you can build by watching the videos below.

Client Engagement

Building lasting relationships with Clients starts with listening to their hopes and fears. By adapting your approach for diverse and changing demographics, you can position yourself as a trusted advisor and turn prospects into Clients for life.


Advice for Life

You are in the business of building trust. You make yourself emotionally available. You open the door to meaningful conversations and develop long-term relationships. You make an impact on the lives of your Clients and their loved ones. You are an advisor, and you do great work. You know that advice begins and ends with trust.

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Engaging the Female Market

Women create, control and influence an enormous amount of wealth. Influenced by physiological and societal factors, women’s motivations, perspectives, priorities and communication styles are different than men’s. Engaging women in a way that’s meaningful is crucial to retaining assets and growing your business. 

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Intergenerational Wealth Planning

Getting in front of the next generation is critical to both the success of your business and Clients’ legacies. Help families prepare for a wealth transfer by taking the lead on legacy planning discussions and keeping families harmonious. 

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Mental Health

Make the connection between financial health and mental health, and be prepared to work with Clients with all different needs, including mental health challenges. Become a trusted advisor by reaching out and checking in. That includes you - taking care of others starts by taking care of yourself.

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Working with Millennials

Surrounded by negative stereotypes and known for paving their own path when it comes to family, career and their impact on society, the millennial market is often overlooked and underserved. These negative perceptions are creating missed opportunities for you, your business and millennials. Learn to attract, engage and retain the next generation of investors and the future of wealth.

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Business Building and Marketing Yourself

When you work with a Client, they’re investing in your business. Are you willing to do the same? Learn how spending time working on your business and articulating your unique value proposition can lead to trust with Clients and the growth of your practice.

Business Planning

Leading advisors are those who operate with a business owner’s mindset. They spend time planning their business activities and vision so their team can help them execute. We call this the business paradigm. Learn about three critical best practices of top advisors.

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Defining your Brand

A brand is the distinctive features and personality of a person, product, or company, that are unique from others and leave a lasting impression. It’s more than a visual identity. A strong brand will attract your ideal Client, and strengthen your reputation in the industry. Learn about the benefits to your business, and how to define and maintain your brand. 

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Video Marketing

Video is a dynamic way to build trust and familiarity. By putting yourself on camera, you’re giving people a look into who you are, what’s important to you, and how you work. It’s the closest thing to meeting someone in person. Take a look at examples of how advisors have used video to make warm introductions to themselves and their practices.

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If you have a story you would like to share, or if you would like to learn more about this program and the resources available to you, contact your Sun Life relationship manager. 

Some of these advisors are independent brokers who sell products issued by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada as well as products issued by other insurance and financial companies.

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