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Elevate your practice by expanding your technical knowledge. Learn innovative concepts.

Life insurance and the wealthy

Insurance can help preserve affluent lifestyles. It’s time to put to rest the common misconception that the wealthy don’t need insurance.


A thought leadership series developed by our Professional Insights team. Concise and insightful, it challenges you to rethink contemporary industry topics and set yourself apart as an advisor.

Voice of the Advisor

Voice of the Advisor is an insight community for advisors to influence solutions and experiences that matter to their business. Join workshops, studies and the forum to have your say and collaborate with Sun Life.

Working with business owners

Insurance is an asset, not an expense. Understand the opportunity of working with business owners. Learn how to hold the right conversation, using targeted strategies that best fit the needs of this segment.

Industry Insights

An insightful collection of quarterly reports that focus on key market trends, industry analysis, dynamics and issues. Helping you stay current and adding continued value to your practice.