Administration details

Where do I send a completed paper application?

Send your completed Personal health insurance application form - E3494


Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
227 King St S
PO Box 1601 STN Waterloo
Waterloo ON N2J 4C5
Fax 1-866-487-4745

Where do I put my advisor number?

Write your advisor or broker number in the Advisor Declaration section of the application. Your advisor number is required to pay you the commissions on the sale.

Can there be one 'payor' for multiple applicants?

Yes. The bank account owner must sign each application that premiums will be paid for, and attach the bank account information. The payor's name and address should be on the application or void cheque. Because the applicant is the policy owner and is responsible for making sure the policy is in force, we would contact the policy owner if a premium is missed.

When is coverage effective?

Coverage is effective on the later of:

  • the date requested by the applicant, or
  • the day after the application is approved.

When applying for the basic, standard, or enhanced plan

  • Clients can ask for coverage to begin on a date that is within:
    • 60 days of the date of the application.
  • If a specific effective date is requested, but the application has not been approved before that date, the policy will go into effect the next business day following approval.

When applying for a Health Coverage Choice plan

  • Clients must apply within:
    • 60 days from the date their group benefits end.
  • Coverage is effective on the later of:
    • the day after their group benefits end, or if this date has already passed,
    • the day after the application is approved.

How will my client know when their coverage begins?

Your client will receive a welcome kit that includes:

  • the policy,
  • coverage details (including the effective date),
  • confirmation of premium, and
  • claim forms.

You will receive a communication through the Activity centre, outlining the coverage details. Please use this information to update your records.

What happens if my client's policy isn't issued as standard?

If we offer coverage at a higher premium OR if we exclude certain items or conditions (determined by the underwriting process)

  • Your client will be asked to accept the offer and coverage will start on the next business day following acceptance by your client.

If your client asked for a future effective date and this date has not yet passed

  • coverage will start on the requested date.

Note: Offers cannot be accepted over the phone. We will need a confirmation e-mail from you, advising if your client has accepted the offer.

What payment options are available?

Your clients can pay their premiums for personal health insurance in one of the following ways:

Monthly, through pre-authorized chequing (PAC)

Annually, by cheque

  • complete a paper application.

Annually or monthly, by credit card (MasterCard or VISA)

  • complete a web application or paper application.

Can my client pick their own PAC date?

Yes, your client can select another PAC date between the 1st and 28th of the month.

Note: If this date is not the same as their coverage effective date, 2 full months premiums will be withdrawn within the first 31 days.

Can my client change their PAC date?

We are able to offer the flexibility of changing the PAC withdrawal date.

Note: the change will result in more than one full monthly premium being withdrawn within 31 days.

Will each client have a unique policy number?

When a policy is issued, each client will receive a contract with 037000 as the policy number followed by a unique identification number. Both numbers are required for claims purposes.

For web applications

  1. We give a reference number at the end of the application process.
  2. We'll assign an identification number later.

For paper applications

  • After receiving the application, a communication to the Activity centre with the identification number will be sent to you.

Will you accept new information or changes to information over the phone from me?

For example, can I supply missing information, or requests to move from one plan to another?


If your clients would like to change from one plan to another

Have them complete and sign a new application for underwriting, using form Personal health insurance application form - E3494. Please attach a note to the application indicating your client's intentions.

If information is missing from the application

To collect the details, we'll send you an Incomplete Questions Supplement (IQS).  

Is coverage based on a calendar year or a policy year?

Coverage is based on a policy year. Annual maximums within the plan are administered based on a calendar year.  

If my client includes a cheque with their application, when do you cash the cheque?

If premiums are to be paid through a monthly PAC arrangement

There is no need to send any money with the application.

Please include a void cheque to set up the PAC plan.  

The first premium withdrawal will be processed on the coverage effective date.

If premiums are being paid by cheque annually

We'll only cash the cheque once the application is approved.

If the application is not approved, the cheque will be returned to your client.

If an applicant is including a child on their policy who is 16 years or older, does the child have to sign the application?

Yes, children aged 16 or older (18 in Quebec) must sign the application to confirm that their medical information is complete and true.