Reasons to use the web application

More commission:

You get an extra 2% commission for applications submitted through the web.

Faster service:

We get the application as soon as it is sent (no waiting for mail services).

Web applications can skip many steps such as data entry, scanning of the paper application, etc.

We give web applications top priority because it's our preferred method.

Quick quote:

A quick quote on premiums is available (no rate sheet or calculations required).

Immediate approval:

Clean cases will be approved online! If your customer is approved online, their coverage will start the next business day.

Credit card:

Credit card payment is available, as well as pre-authorized cheque plan (PAC).

Save travel time:

You don't have to see the customer to make the sale because they can complete the application themselves. (If you're filling out the application for your client, your client must be present to give their electroninc signature.)

With the custom link, you will receive full commission (or, if you prefer, you can be present while your customer completes the Web application).

No blank questions:

It's very easy to complete, and gives tips if anything is left blank. This reduces the chances we will need to contact you for clarification or missing information.

Less chance of error:

Since the information is fed from the application to our administration system, we won't have trouble reading handwriting. This reduces the risk of entering the customer's information incorrectly.

Up to date information:

You don't need to keep a supply of forms and rates on hand. The website will always have the most up to date information.