Sign in once a year on the desktop version

If you can't see your saved cases

The Situation:

You signed into the desktop version of Sun Life Illustrations sometime in the past and you can no longer see your saved cases or you cannot see some of the products you should have access to.

Why is this happening:

Most likely, this is happening because the desktop version requires you to renew your sign-in once a year.

One of the great things about the desktop version is that you don’t need to sign in every time you launch the illustration. The system remembers who you are from the last time you signed in.

For security reasons, we do require you to sign in and confirm your identity once a year. The system keeps a record of the last time you signed in and when that date is more than a year ago, the system treats you like a guest until you have signed in again.

How can you tell if this is your situation

You can tell if you are not signed in by looking in the top right corner of the screen. Whether you are in the Product Selector screen or in a product input screen, you will see a Sign In button.

When you are not signed in, Sun Life Illustrations will treat you as a Guest user. A guest user cannot access cases that were saved while you were signed in. A guest user is also not able to Sync their saved cases with the secure data base of cases you have saved on the Web version of the illustration.

How to sign in:

  • While connected to the internet, click on the Sign In button.
  • In a few moments, you will be presented with a new input screen in which you will be prompted to enter your Access ID and Password. The ID and Password you enter need to be the ID and Password you regularly use when you sign in to your advisor web site.