Defining your brand resource

My purpose workbook

  • This workbook will guide you through putting your purpose down on paper. It’ll help you bring your vision into focus, define your mission, craft your value proposition and create your tagline.

Brand one-pager

  • This template will help you create a one-page summary of your brand. You can use it to introduce your team and your values to prospects, Clients and referral partners.

10-Second brand story worksheet

  • Use this worksheet to create your answer to the question, “what do you do?”, following the foolproof formula.

Additional resources

Ideal client analysis tool

  • Your brand should appeal to your ideal Client. Use this workbook to identify your niche.

Client segmentation tool

  • Segment your Clients using a combination of objective and subjective attributes to identify which Clients align the most to your ideal Client profile.

Client service matrix 

  • The services you offer each segment are also a reflection of your brand. Use this matrix to match the level of service you provide to their needs and expectations. 

Client engagement process

  • A Client engagement process is a set of repeatable stages that you lead Clients through. Taking the time to define and write out your own process will enable you and your team to delight Clients and deliver consistent service.


Contact your Sun Life relationship manager to learn more about this program and the resources available to you.