Process for signed illustrations

December 21, 2023

Products that require signed illustrations

Signed illustrations are required for the following products/scenarios:

  • Sun Par Protector II, Sun Par Accumulator II and Sun Par Accelerator
  • Sun Lifetime Alternative
  • SunUniversalLife II
  • SunUniversalLife Pro
  • Sun Retirement Health Assist (RHA)

Note: Signed illustrations are required for these products whether they are single life or joint life cases and for regular rate or special quote situations.

Signed illustrations are not required for:

  • SunTerm
  • Sun Critical Illness Insurance
  • Sun Permanent Life

What is a valid signed illustration?

A valid signed illustration is an issue requirement and is valid when the particulars in the signed illustration and application match in terms of:

  • insurance amount (i.e. death benefit, or face amount, or weekly income amount for RHA)
  • issue age and gender
  • smoking status
  • product or plan type (e.g. single; joint first-to-die; joint last-to-die)
  • premium payment period
  • amount and type of each optional benefit
  • the presence and amount of any rating or flat extra

Universal life plans:

  • cost of insurance type (i.e. level, YRT70/85 or limited pay 10, 15 or 20)
  • amount of planned payment (not including frequency change)
  • death benefit option (i.e. level, insurance amount plus fund, level + indexing, ROP or ACB)
  • cost of insurance changes (i.e. YRT70/85 to level or limited pay)

Par plans:

  • amount of Plus Premium Benefit
  • enhancement plan guaranteed period (Lifetime)
  • dividend option
  • premium option (i.e. 10 pay, 20 pay, life pay)
  • premium offset election (if applicant signed an illustration where premium offset was selected, then the application must also be selecting premium offset)

RHA plans:

  • benefit period
  • waiting period

Subsequent signed illustrations

A subsequent signed illustration is required if the initial one was not valid (i.e. did not match the application) or when there are changes made during the underwriting and issue process that affect a key element of the product.


  • the insurance amount or a product feature is changed
  • underwriting advises that a rating is required