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New mega menu groupings and quick link features

We’ve reduced the menu from eight headings to four. To access the new menu, hover over any of the groups at the top of the screen.

Consulting combines some of our most popular business development content from Sun Life Consulting, and content for individually or corporately owned polices and tax information under the Advisor Site’s current Strategies and Concepts.

Products brings together the content for Life, Health and Investments under one section, along with the associated marketing materials.

Client Service contains all New Business and Inforce information and procedures that are currently found under the Advisor Site’s Resources tab.

Support brings together information on how Sun Life helps you grow your business, our recognition programs and events. It also contains contracting, compensation and compliance information.

You’ll notice each section has a Quick Links section on the left side.  It contains a number of related links for that section. In the case of Client Service, you’ll see the Activity Centre, and Client Portfolio, among others. For convenience, Forms will always be the first item under the Quick Links of every section.

Throughout the main menu, where a subject, like Compliance, has more topics than can be listed, you can select view all to open the landing page for a full overview.

Where to find forms, marketing materials, and esign forms

If you're looking for forms, select Forms from the Quick Links on any menu.

If you're looking for brochures or marketing materials, you can find them under the Marketing Materials section of the Product menu.

If you’re looking for eSign forms, select the eSignature form selection tool from the Quick Links section of the Client Service menu. 

You can also find the eSignature form selection tool on the Tools tab on the secure homepage. You can also find eSign forms in the Sun Life eApp tool.

Click here for more information about where to find which forms.

Where to find key tools like eApp, Illustrations, Activity Centre and Request Centre

You can find links to key tools from many locations within Suncentral.

The utility nav offers quick access to key tools like Sun eApp and Illustrations, Alerts, Secure Inbox and your personal profile, no matter where you are in the site.

You can also find links to each of the tools on the Tools tab of the secure homepage.
Simply log into Suncentral and select Tools.

secure tools tab

Key tools are linked from the Quick Links section of each menu.