Universal life insurance

PDF/Form number Title and description Who it’s for and length
810-4552 SunUniversalLife II advisor guide
Get a detailed description of how the product works, its options and benefits.
48 pages
810-4629 Which Sun Life insurance product for which Client? Review this product comparison chart that highlights the issue ages, Client profiles and Client needs each product addresses to help you find the right life insurance product for each Client. Advisors
1 page
810-4936 Sun Life Diversified Account facts and figures
Review the asset mix of the Sun Life Diversified Account.
Advisors and Clients
7 pages
810-5223 Illustrating the Sun Life Diversified Account
Understand the strength and stability of the SLDA
2 pages
810-4554 SunUniversalLife II Client guide
Help Clients understand the features and benefits of this product and how it meets their current identified needs.
24 pages


870-4632 (Simplified Chinese)

SunUniversalLife II investment account options
Use this booklet to help Clients choose investment accounts for their policy.

Note: This booklet is intended to be used with the online investment account fact sheets. These fact sheets provide historical rates of return and other useful information for each account
10 pages
810-3461 Shedding light on life insurance
Give Clients an understanding of the different types of life insurance.
36 pages